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Rewards Program

Overlook Golf Course rewards program is for the golfers who frequently play the course. It is free to sign up for the rewards program and only requires a valid current email address.  The program will automatically accumulate 10% of your green fees, cart fees and range fees.  Accumulated credit may be redeemed at any time and expires on December 31st of each year.

Important Notes:

  • Players must announce they are in the rewards program upon payment of golf. Players who do not announce they are eligible for rewards upon payment will not receive rewards.
  • Only players participating in the rewards program are eligible for rewards dollars. Players may not receive rewards dollars for paying for other players. For example, you pay for your entire foursome – you will receive your own rewards dollars for green fees and cart, not the reward dollars for the other three players in your foursome
  • Redeemable credit is only good for greens fee, cart fees, and range fees. Accumulated credit may not be used on merchandise in the golf shop.
  • Players must have a valid and current email to be enrolled in program, if your email becomes inactive you will be removed from the program