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Weekly Team Matches

Weekly Team Matches

Not organized or affiliated with the golf course, weekly team matches are a great way to get a match when you have no one to play with and want to play.  A USGA handicap would be preferred, but if you don’t have one, we will establish one for you. 

Schedule of days played:

Monday - 12 PM

Tuesday – 12 PM

Wednesday – 12 PM

Wednesday Night – 5:45 PM

Friday – 12 PM

Sunday – 9 AM

Please arrive at the golf course 15-30 minutes prior to the first tee time.  There are some days that no one shows up but it is rare.  The golf course does require team match players to call and reserve a spot on Friday’s and Sunday’s.  Please give us 1 days’ notice on cancellations. 

Format of play is normally better ball of partners, no handicaps are used.  Players will be ranked as A,B,C,& D players.  Teams will then be picked based on the players playing.  Front nine, back nine, and totals are then calculated to determine team winners.  Cost of golf is the normal golf rates for the day and is each players responsibility to pay in the golf shop.  Team matches require an additional $22 which includes par 3 team greenies.  They normal get 8-16 golfers that particiapate in team matches.

If you have any additional questions please call the golf shop.